High Potential Therapy Machine

High Potential Therapy Machine

Relaxing treatment at your own home

Low frequency treatment function in a stylish body

Fluctuation waveform and high performance electric potential therapy / low frequency treatment that can be done at home.

Various functions & simple operation

Treatment method by giving a potential (electric field) by placing the human body in an insulated state.

Pain, strain-sensitive stimulation & easy to use low frequency function

It is a treatment for treating the affected part through a weak low frequency current from the skin surface.

  • High-voltage field is the electric field created around a 50 Hz alternating current and has high voltage (KV).
  • The alternating current voltage field does not cause ionization; instead, it affects the current of the organism. The first effect is to induce microcirculation as a microcellular massage to increase cellular activity.

  • Stimulates metabolism and cell activity.
  • Increase activity and metabolism of water in the body.
  • Regulate Autonomic Nervous System.
  • Pain relief.


  • Neurological depression, especially insomnia.
  • Headaches, migraines, fatigue, stress due to mental and physical activities.
  • Shoulder pain, back pain due to excessive activities, stress and lack of movement.
  • Chronic constipation.
  • Bronchial asthma
  • Circulatory disorder of the brain


  • People using pacemakers
  • Person having body temperature above 38°C
  • People who is bleeding
  • Pregnant woman
  • People with unstable tuberculosis condition


  • Headache
  • Insomnia
  • Stiff shoulder
  • Chronic constipation

Studies have shown that the number of people suffer from pain, stiff shoulder, headache, insomnia and constipation is increasing rapidly. These illnesses make people uncomfortable and difficult to live happily and healthily. Currently, treatments are not effective because doctors often find it difficult to find specific causes of these diseases. So try to figure the underlying causes of these diseases so that we can give the best solution.

Stiff shoulder occurs when the muscles from the neck to the shoulder contract and the waste that accumulates in it causes the blood vessels to contract, causing the muscles to contract. One of the causes of this vicious circle is keeping one posture for a long time. In addition, the blood vessels contract when the autonomic nervous system is unstable, caused by daily stress. It is said that people who are at risk for shoulder pain are those who work with computers and look at the screen every day.

What is the best treatment?

The most effective way is to make the blood flow well by means of relaxing the body, massage or shower with warm water. However, the best solution is to avoid stress, maintain good posture and exercise daily.

There are many types of headaches. Chronic headache is due to blood vessels in the brain, muscles around the head, or psychological trauma.

Headache due to blood vessels in the brain

Migraine occurs when the system of cilia, arteries in the brain suddenly swell or stretch. The real cause is unclear; however, the number of women suffering from migraine is much higher than that of men, it is suggested that the cause is due to irritation from food and the environment, the unstable autonomic nervous system or genetic.

Headaches due to stiff muscles

Few people know that the muscles in the head and the temples are the same as in other parts of the body. The muscles are also prone to cramps like the shoulder and this causes headaches. These headaches seem to be tightened and no one knows when it starts and when it is over. The cause is similar to shoulder pain, such as psychological stress and bad posture.

Headaches due to psychological traumas

Headaches are sometimes caused by psychological factors. Stress causes the body to stretch. If a headache is caused by stress-related factors, many people do not know the cause, unless they are aware of their stress.

What is the best treatment?

Some solutions for migraine headache are: Relax in a dim light room, go to bed or take a sedative. However, no solution can solve the root cause of the disease. For headaches, it’s important not to let your body get stressed every day, do some light exercises to relax your muscles, and try to change your vision regularly. In addition, unrelieved pressure also causes stress. Psychological analysis may be necessary to solve chronic headaches.

There are various forms of insomnia such as physiological insomnia, insomnia due to coffee or alcohol, and sleeplessness due to stress or anxiety. The mechanism of sleep is still mysterious, however, it is said that neurological disorders have a great impact on insomnia.

Sleeplessness due to physiological causes

Insomnia can suddenly occur due to excessive sleeping, changing time zones, or changing in activity. However, this can be solved by adjusting your lifestyle. In addition, it is obvious for us to sleep less as we are aging.

Insomnia caused by caffeine and alcohol

Caffeine in coffee and other drinks can keep us awake. In addition, drinking less can lead to sleepiness, but excessive consumption of alcohol can cause insomnia.

Insomnia caused by stress and anxiety

Stress in work can cause nervous tension and even extend to bedtime. You may find it’s very hard to sleep when you have something to think of or worry about. The light also may make us difficult to feel sleepy.Stress in work can cause nervous tension and even extend to bedtime. You may find it’s very hard to sleep when you have something to think of or worry about. The light also may make us difficult to feel sleepy.

What is the best treatment?

The best way is to set up a good daily habit, do not drink coffee before sleeping, use effective aroma therapy and listen to music to relax the mind and body. It is important to gradually balance the Autonomic Nervous System so that you can sleep naturally. Do not over-try to get sleep.

  • Try to form a habit of defecation every day at a certain time
  • Have breakfast regularly because it helps intestinal motility works well
  • Try to eat high-fiber foods. Eat boiled or cooked food instead of raw food because you will eat more and digest better.
  • Try to spend time for relaxing to reduce stress
  • Try different cooking methods. Do exercise regularly to help intestinal motility work better