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Fujiiryoki company founded in 1954 and kept the excellent quality standard as beauty and health manufacturer. The company has been providing with “Water” which protects food safety and healthy life by selling alkaline water ionizer. Improvement of eating habits are being reviewed in the viewpoint of “Health”. Would you like to add alkaline water ionizer that is the only certified medical device as drinking water?

11 Types of Water


Choose water wisely make healthier body and safe life

Alkaline water is the hydrogen rich base water which is produced by electrolysis. The company provides 11 types of water to grade up daily life for health, cooking, cleaning.


Selectable 11 types of water and indication of pH value

Custom 11 types of rich hydrogen and ideal waters for living life at the touch of button.

Health and Relief start from using water properly.

High Efficiency Double Electrolyzer



Advanced [High-efficient double electrolyzer] from FUJIIRYOKI

Smart water filtration ability and 10 electric plate generate electrolyzed water with rich hydrogen.

30 years since FUJIIRYOKI launched water ionizer series in 1989.HWP-77 upgraded with basic 5 plates PLUS new developed 5 more plates of hydrogen electrolyzer.It generates better alkaline water which contains 1300ppb* of dissolved hydrogen.

* The dissolved hydrogen concentration may vary depending on the water quality. Different values may be measured depending on the tester.

Remove 20 substances Water filtration cartridge

Smart water filtration ability Remove JIS controlled standard of 12 +8 substances

*1 ①Free residual chlorine ②Turbidity ③Chloroform ④Bromodichloromethane ⑤Dibromochloromethane ⑥Bromoform ⑦Tetrachloroethylene ⑧Trichlorethylene ⑨Total trihalomethane ⑩(Pesticide) CAT ⑪(Mold smell) 2-MIB ⑫Soluble lead

*2 ①Iron (particulate iron) ②Aluminum (neutral) ③Geosmin ④Anionic surfactant ⑤Phenols ⑥Carbon tetrachloride ⑦benzene ⑧Cis, trans 1.2 dichloroethylene


ORP value is the best ever among our past ionizer series.

Oxidation reduction potential(ORP) describes water’s ability to release or accept electrons during a chemical reaction. A high ORP indicates that there is a greater potential to oxidize than a low ORP. Lower ORP describes a lower potential to cause or increase damaging oxidation.

Other Functions


Easy to see LCD screen

Easy-to-use function

Smart function that automatically keeps the pH constant

Equipped with the function that it automatically adjusts constant pH regardless of water flow amount.
*In case of Alkaline 1, 2, 3

Maximum flowing water quantity is about 5.5 liter per minute

Powerful use for washing vegetables and lifestyle

Waste water is just a little

More alkaline water can be generated with less waste water.The ratio of Generated water and waste water is 19:1 which is industry’s leading class.

Water saving with non-waste water mode

Water could run without wasting water within 30 minutes after turning off the faucet.

Energy reduction with auto power off function

The machine automatically shut off the power after 30 minutes of use and turn to standby mode, then it prevents from over energy usage.

Less time and effort! Regular maintenance of electrodes

Automatic cleaning systems


Easy-to-put in the kitchen!

Delivery pipe is enough 65 cm

Purpose of use or effect

Generation of alkaline ionized water for improving gastrointestinal symptoms

  • Relieves stomach upset and stomach discomfort
  • Helps gastrointestinal function and improves communication

Benefits & Features

From washing veggies

Tasty flavor for cooking

Ability to extract the taste of the material

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