Changing the standard of healthy water

Healthy water

Healthy water that Korea Water Resources Corporation announced officially is safe and clean water that also contains useful mineral in balance. There are variety of minerals, essential nutrients, in the water, in balance. It is recommended for adults to drink around 2L of water.

Hydrogen Water

Eliminating active oxygen

In modern medical science, it is determined that almost every diseases (more than 90%) are caused by active oxygen. The causes of active oxygen could be natural (when we ingest food and it is generated during the metabolic process), conversion of oxygen inhaled, or harmful environment. Such excessively generated active oxygen alters the DNA structure and it is developed to a factor of diseases.

Researches related to hydrogen

Since Oota Shigeo at Japan Medical University has said in “Nature Medicine”, a magazine of authority in the world, in 2007, that hydrogen water selectively eliminates active oxygens, papers on the efficiency of hydrogen water in the field of diabetes, cancer, skin aging, atopy, etc. are issued over 200 times.

Water, full of hydrogen molecules

The easiest to way to get hydrogen, which is well known for elimination of active oxygen, is to have hydrogen water filled with hydrogen molecules. KENHO’s Astra Cell allows to have hydrogen water, full of hydrogen molecules, and the water gets into the body to help eliminate the active oxygen. Also, it maintains neutrality rather than alkalinity, so that there is no side effects for the body.

The World’s FourMiracle Waters


  • Lourdes Water


  • Tlacote Water


  • Nordenauer Water


  • Nadana Water

The secret of these miracles are
Hydrogen Waters!

The natural spring waters that have shown healing effects and are called the World’s Four Miracle Waters have been verified to be the hydrogen waters containing rich hydrogens in them.

Lourdes Water of France
66 patients of incurable diseases received the certificates of their recoveries.
Hydrogen concentration : 800ppb
The Tlacote’s Well of Mexico
It has become famous for healng Magic Johnson, the NBA player, of his AIDS.
Hydrogen concentration : 200ppb
Underground Water of the Nordenauer Mine in Germany
There was the announce of its healing of blood cancers and diabetes.
Hydrogen concentration : 420ppb
The Nadana’s Well of India
It is the famous landmark for healing skin diseases, poliomyelitis, etc.
Hydrogen concentration : 180ppb

Properties of Hydrogen

  • It selectively eliminates only active oxygens that are bad to our bodies.
  • It’s one and only antioxidant material that is good for our brain cells.
  • It has the antioxidant effect that is 176 times stronger than Vitamin C.
  • It has the antioxidant effect that is 865 times stronger than CoenzymeQ10..
  • It is the safe drinking water with no side effect.

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