Hydrogen Water

LUMBINI is a fully portable hydrogen generator of its own class. It integrates the MEA Patented technology making it a unique piece of gadget that generate compound of oxidation water, a.k.a Hybrid Water and high concentration of dissolved hydrogen water; known as Hydrogen Water simultaneously through Electrolysis process.

LUMBINI technology is advance in its function and has more than ten times the durability of exisiting electrolysis method. We have also reduce the size of the cell to maximize the energy efficiency yet enhance its overall performance.

Kenho water is hydrogen-rich water bringing great benefit in reducing oxidation of the body. Kenho water, a brand name of Dynaseiki, has become the best source of water for health and is now widely used in many countries around the world.

For a better absorption

Kenho water contains smaller molecules than normal water does, it means that the metabolism and absorption of minerals through the cell membrane is easier.

The Kenho water generator will give extremely low ORP, which is equivalent to a high antioxidant index. Also, the hydrogen water can be generated quickly, 300-500ml within 3-5 minutes. Therefore, it will be a perfect device to carry along with you every day.

How does Kenho water prevent the oxidation?

We need more anti-oxidants to get a healthier body and slow down the aging, active hydrogen is considered to be the most potential molecule in slow down the ageing process.

Compatible with the market PET bottle.

Efficacy of Kenho water for human health

There have been a number of studies showing the benefits of drinking active hydrogen water, particularly good antioxidant abilities for human health.

  • Slow down the aging
  • Reduce the risk of colon cancer
  • Detoxify cells and entire body
  • Regulate body temperature
  • Improve memory loss for the elderly
  • Enhance mineral absorption of human body
  • Protect and enhance liver function
  • Reduce lipid and body fat

By reading this article, we find out that hydrogen water is of a very good use, especially for the health and beauty of women. And kenho water is a perfect choice in improving the beauty of all modern women.


  • Generates one of the highest concentration of Hydrogen Water in its industry @ >1,000ppb in 3 minutes.
  • Infusion of Hydrogen Molecule regardless of water source. Distilled, Purified, RO, Mineral Water or Spring Water.
  • Hygienic management through simple cleaning.
  • Easy generation of Hydrogen Water with Single Push ON/OFF button.
  • Complete separation from Oxide Water leaving pure healthy Hydrogen Water only.
  • 1.5 hours quick charge lasts for an approximate 10 usage.
  • Direct infusion with a variety of PET bottles thread.
  • Light Weight, Sophisticated & Stylish!


1) What type of water to infuse?

i) Distilled water
ii) RO water
iii) Pure water
iv) Mineral Water
v) Pure Tea ( w/out Sediment/Milk/Sugar)
vi) Tap water which is declare safe to drink by Govt. ( Recommend to have external filters to optimize the quality )

2) What type of water can’t infuse?

i) Carbonated water.
ii) Sediment/debris water
iii) Above 80 degree Celsius

3) How long does Hydrogen Molecule last after infusion?

i) After 3 hours, hydrogen molecule reduce to 0.

4) Does it change the pH?

i) LUMBINI doesn’t alter the pH of water.

5) Can we boil LUMBINI Water?

i) LUMBINI water contains high concentration of Hydrogen Molecule and dissipates by boiling due to temperature and movement.
ii) To enjoy hot Hydrogen water for brewing tea:-
First boil the water and let it drop to 80 Degree Celsius before pouring it into the Tumbler for infusion.
( Thermometer can be bought separately )

6) What’s the negative side effect of LUMBINI Water?

i) Some new users may experience difficulty to fall asleep at initial period of drinking hydrogen water. In this case, consume little by little to allow the body adapt to it gradually.

7) What’s the limit of LUMBINI Water to drink daily?

i) You can drink whenever thirsty and as much as you like because hydrogen molecule being the universe smallest molecule dissipate easily and doesn’t cause any known side effect. To enjoy great health, consume 1 liter daily.

8) What’s the recommended minimum drinking volume of LUMBINI Water daily?

i) LUMBINI Water contains high concentration of Hydrogen Molecule. Depending on each individual, a 300ml of LUMBINI Water is enough to spread thru human body and neutralize bad Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS).

9) Is Lumbini Water suitable for everyone?

Lumbini Water is excellent for everyone. Young to old, healthy to diseased person. Even pets and plants. However, for patients suffering from kidney disease with controlled water-intake volume, please consult a doctor before using it.

10) Can I mix Lumbini Water with Alcohol or other drinks?

i) It makes a great concoction!

11) How long is the electrolyzing process for each 100ml?

i) +/- 100ml per minute will generate over 1,000ppb.

12) What’s the maximum amount of Hydrogen content at room temperature?

i) 1,600ppb

13) The bottle has an odor after a period of usage, how do I counter it?

i) Soak hot water of 80 Degree Celsius for 5 mins, then drain it. Smell doesn’t affect the electrolysis process & water quality.

14) How do I clean the electrolysis plate?

i) Plates can be cleaned by soaking Citric acid or Vinegar. It will neutralize calcium content on the plate. Citric Acid can be purchased separately. (Please see User Manual)

15) What is the unit measurement of Hydrogen in the water?

i) 1ppm = 1,000ppb there is 1 hydrogen-molecule in every H2O 1,000,000

16) What’s the dissipation rate of hydrogen molecule in the ‘Tumbler’ provided, tightly closed?

i) Since Hydrogen water is light and has big active energy, it is hard to hold it in the water. In case of KENHO LUMBINI Tumbler, it stays over 1,000 ppb for first 3 hours, closed tightly. After, it dissipate slowly. Do not shake the tumbler as it may cause the hydrogen molecule to disappear.

17) What’s the recommended period of INHALATION mode?

i) 10 mins per session ( Mode: 5 mins x 2 ) 3 sessions per week

18) Does LUMBINI water contain salt?

i) LUMBINI uses Patented MEA technology in Electrolysis process. Thus, it enables molecular Hydrogen infusion even on RO, Distillled and Pure Water. In case of RO & Distilled Water infusion, LUMBINI creates high concentration of pure hydrogen water without salt and other heavy metal.

19) Typical Portable Hydrogen Generator requires Mineral Water to generate Hydrogen molecule, how about LUMBINI?

i) LUMBINI generates all types of water including RO, Distilled & Mineral Water.

20) Typical Portable Hydrogen Generator mixes Oxygen & Hydrogen in the water, how about LUMBINI?

i) LUMBINI splits the H2 and O2 via Patented MEA Technology. Resulting in separation of H2 and O2. The O2 is drained to bottom tank and H2 for drinking is kept at the upper Tumbler or PET bottles. This is very important for health.