Kenho Shower Head

Material description

  • 1st Stage ACF reduces Chlorine, unwanted taste and odor from the tap water, also provide the additional strength and dirt-holding capacity. Filtering worms, sands and other impurities.
  • 2nd Stage KDF used at higher water temperature further remove Chlorine, heavy metal such as lead, mercury, iron, hydrogen sulfide and may inhibit the growth of bacteria, algae, and fungi; making it becomes bacteriostatic. KDF kills harmful bacteria found in water.
  • 3rd Stage = SPECIAL QUARTZ creates NEGATIVE ION effect help to ease pain, enhance blood circulation and showering experience becomes relaxing and fresh.
  • 4th Stage = MICRO CLUSTER BEADS breaks water molecule into small cluster to facilitate skin hydration, promote healthy scalp & skin.

Filter Basic Parameters

  • Micron Rating: 10μm
  • Temperature range: 4-60℃
  • Initial PSI @ flow rate: 1.8 psi @ 2 gpm
  • Chlorine reduction @ flow rate: >1,000 gallon @ 1 gpm